East Side Tae Kwon-Do Club


We still plan on running our event. The government lifting vaccination passport requirement for youth 18 years and under certainly helped but we still have obstacles to face.

  • The venue that we are using requires that we screen everyone at the door before they enter.
  • We will be limited to 1/3 fire capacity which will mean that there will only (1) parent per competitor and will be required to wear a mask and social distance. Upon completion of your child’s division’s we would require that you exit the building so we can bring in the next divisions.
  • We will be only setting up (3) rings and restricting access to competitors, officials and volunteers. Everyone must wear a mask and maintain social distancing where possible. The exception is that competitors do not require masking while doing physical activities.
  • We will also not be able to sell food in the venue without proof of vaccination so we are looking at other options. You can however bring your own lunch.  We will be providing a lunch and refreshments for volunteer and officials.
  • We are asking that all instructors that are planning to come to our event pass this information to their students.

Note: there can be no exceptions


 If you have any questions contact me at [403] 807-0673 or e-mail at

Thanking you in advance for support and attendance.


Gary Lloyd

  Head Instructor

  East Side Tae Kwon-Do Club

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